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Preparation Tips For An Affiliate Marketing Interview

The Internet has brought people across the world together irrespective of their location. For some, digitalization has provided a learning opportunity, and for marketers, it provides business opportunities that were earlier not imaginable. As a result, affiliate marketing has emerged as a budding career for those who are interested. Here we have collected some questions for your interview preparation, often asked by the interview panel if you plan to make a career out of it.

1. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a revenue-based business opportunity. In this, every time a person buys a product or anything else from your reference, you get a share cut from the profit. There are four significant elements of affiliate marketing. These elements are: -

  • Merchant/ retailer

  • The platform or network which has multiple affiliates offers to choose from and keeps track of payments

  • The publisher or affiliate

  • The shopper/customer who buy the products

A fixed amount of profit is made on each sale. It is a type of performance-based marketing. Various companies like amazon have also launched programs previously for affiliate marketing.

2. Why are the opportunities provided by the affiliate marketing experts for the merchants?

Affiliate marketing provides the opportunity for the merchant to connect with the global audience. Due to the major audience connectivity, there is an increase in business opportunities. 

This marketing strategy is also less expensive, while you need to pay only when you make a sale. Your brand gets advertised for free. This marketing saves your time, works while you are sleeping, and provides a steady income with many business opportunities that were not present earlier.  

3. What are affiliate marketing mistakes you have made in your past?

The employer here is trying to test your honesty as well as the prior experience you have had. Making mistakes is a common scenario, but how you fixed it or what you learned from the mistakes can influence your working way.

 To answer this question, think about the mistakes you have made in your past and how you fixed it and turn it into a favorable scenario. Explain how this mistake evolved your tactics by learning something new or even helped you make more ROI overall.

4. Explain affiliate scrubbing or affiliate shaving.

In affiliate scrubbing, bad leads are provided to you by the network while you are not getting paid for them. A typical example will be scrubbing a lead from a different zone other than the advertiser specified. The bogus information is also found in them, like fake email addresses, non-existent addresses, and more.

Similarly, affiliate shaving is when some of the leads sent by the affiliate are not considered in the final calculations. This can be due to the low quality of leads or unethical practice by affiliates. In this situation, often, the commission is either not paid, or it also gets reduced without any specified reason. Some companies limit the affiliate earnings, and when the leads reach a certain number, the company shaves off the ID of an affiliate.

Final words

These are the common question asked during an interview. Now that you know the basics, it's time you prepare the best possible answer for these questions before you apply for a job. Remember to stay confident while you answer. Be willing to learn, as the passion for learning new things is also what recruiters are fond of. We wish you the best of luck!


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